Friday, July 11, 2008

share the road


A few days after my guy spotted one of these limited plates -which benefit both Bicycle Transportation Alliance and Cycle Oregon- our plates came up for renewal. Truly we would have kicked in more than the ten bucks it cost to switch, because bicycle awareness is that important to us. But with such a reasonable fee, it was a simple decision. I'm surprised I'm not seeing more of these around. Maybe it's still early yet.

I don't commute by bicycle (we non employed types tend to work close to home) but my husband often does. And when he's hugging the shoulder of a rural highway, I sure hope all those logging trucks and tractor trailers and farmers in a hurry are mindful of his presence and share the road.

We ride, as a family, frequently for pleasure and purpose (quick trips to nearby stores or parks). The husband (with the boy on his handlebar mounted seat) takes the lead, the girl rides safe in the middle, and I am the blue schwinn caboose. We ride in bike lanes and avoid very busy roads, as much as possible, but it's likely that we'll still get in front of some a-hole who thinks it's okay to Honk from behind or pass us in an unsafe manner, slamming the gas pedal and screeching ahead. And I guess I don't much expect those people to change. I am sure there are folks who believe firmly that roads are for cars and bikes should stay off, but I'd like to hope that they will become the rare, astonishing exception. Because biking isn't going anywhere and is more commonplace than ever.

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Angelina said...

I want one of these. With gas prices going up and up I think bicycles will be more difficult to ignore every day. I know people who are considering commuting to work by bike who never would have before.