Sunday, July 13, 2008

early inheritance


do you have a tried and true solution for removing black machine grease from clothing?

i have this skirt. this really lovely, thin cotton skirt in the most pleasing shades of white and gray and green and yellow, stripes, with perfect side patch pockets. i thrifted this skirt many years ago but i've never worn it. the waist is tiny. i have hung the skirt in so many closets thinking that maybe my waist might be tiny someday and it would fit. i'm at the point where i'm not hoping tiny anymore, just crossing fingers for my old regular small-ish again. so i decided the other day i'd just cut the skirt up, turn it into an apron. i could add ties and wear it over pants.

but then i thought, hey, maybe it would fit my girl. she tried it on. yes. we have similar taste in style: she loved it. she wore it two days in a row. on the second day, she did something, i'm not sure, and now the circumference of the hem is covered in black grease.

i haven't touched it because i'm so upset about it. it was just a cheap secondhand skirt. i think it came from 'the bins' and would have been much less than a dollar. but i've had it all this time, see, and i've grown attached. to have it ruined so quickly is more than i can bear!


Lisa said...

Maybe a baking soda paste? You know me, I love my baking soda.

Blogging Molly said...

i know all about that black machine grease - like when my husband walked into my son's room to say goodnight one night after working on a car in the garage and i discovered a path of black greasy marks the next morning. i went into his garage and got his orange stuff cleaner - the orangy smelling, kind of gritty hand cleanser mechanics use. i spot cleaned the rug and all the black spots came out! couldn't believe it. promptly sold the rug on craigslist while it was still clean. a rug with a white background just isn't a good idea in a household like ours. good luck with the skirt. reminds me of a pair of vintage pants i have in my closet that will never, ever fit me again. perhaps i'll pass them on one day to my daughter.

textile_fetish said...

I wonder if you could use one of those orange solutions that is supposed to cut through grease. I've not tried it, I have just heard orange=degreaser. Hey, that looks like grease from rising a bike to me.