Thursday, July 10, 2008

i'll keep mentioning the sink until we replace something else

gratuitious sink shot

While the above gratuitous sink shot features cherries, it just as well could have been a picture of more strawberries. Will you believe that the very day after I bemoaned the end of strawberry season, my husband called me up with a request to glean from some top secret fields he knows?! We all went out one evening this week, after dinner, and brought home four gallons of the smallest, tastiest, reddest, ripest strawberries ever. They were a less hardy variety and, I confess, not a good match for my tendency to procrastinate the process of produce. (please excuse that riff of accidental lip smacking alliteration there). They didn't all make it through the washing, de-stemming, freezing routine, but our stash has grown considerably and I feel entirely prepared now to say goodbye to local strawberries for another year. How about that?

But now let me tell you about cherries. Cherries! I am thirty-two years old and I just discovered cherries. Which might strike you as incredibly sad or strange, but, if you happened to have been around during the winter 06 discovery of Pears (!) then perhaps you are not surprised.

This is what I'm doing and it's not an edict for the rest of you, it's just my personal philosophy: I'm going to assume that the more good food we have around the house, the more good food my kids will eat. And this is pretty much working out for us; which means, my kids have never made the acquaintance of Chef Boyardee but they're able to identify a slew of different mushrooms and they can, now, distinguish between a Ranier and a Bing. At the very least, they won't reach their third decade mistakingly dismissing all cherries based on a few early tastes of maraschinos.

It makes me wonder what else I might be missing out on. . .


Kristal said...

Oh Ranier cherries how I love you!
The new sink is gorgeous.

Lisa said...

I know what you mean. I wouldn't eat brussel sprouts or beets until two years ago. Oh my, how could I have missed those all these years? They are some of my favorites now.

I spent a ton on cherries and peas yesterday, because they are both nearing the end of their season. $9.00 on cherries and $12.00 on peas and they are both halfway gone already!

layne said...

Cherries are so worth the wait. We used to get kilo cones of them by the roadside in Germany.
One of my shrinks told me a story about offering a friend's kid a DingDong and then guiltily retracting the offer when the kid asked what that was. I agree about the variety of produce keeping the Chef away. Here's to kids who don't know DingDongs!

textile_fetish said...

That sink is gorgeous!