Tuesday, June 01, 2010

change of address

I should throw a party, on account of this notable milestone: we have now been in this house longer than we've been in any one place previously. But, no. No party. Just a virtual move to satiate my itchy feet. I don't really want to pack up and move all my stuff again, I don't. I mean, maybe a little. When you move 13 times in 13 years, the momentum of moving is everything. You mark time by the process, by the packing and the unpacking. Life is always transitional, never static. It's a hard way to live. But it's the way I know.

So while I attempt to stay put in real life, I am going to try parking my public words over at wordpress for a while. Come on over. Say hi. I tend to think in strings of words that I read inside of my own head. (Man, that sounds crazy.) So, when I remember to, it's nice to have some way to catch those words. I guess that's all blogging is for me: A place to pin down some of the words that are going to flit around anyhow.

have a banner day!