Monday, July 14, 2008

a monday manifesto

I believe molasses + cold milk over cereal (plain Joe's O's) is better than it sounds. Oh yes, and the milk is goat milk, fresh from the farm and unpasteurized. I admit to being skeptical, once, about drinking raw milk. And I wouldn't drink just any raw milk. And I suggest you be as discerning. But if you're drinking factory farmed milk, if it comes from sick animals leading stifled lives in unsanitary conditions, then I guess the more it's pasteurized the less blood and pus you'll have to drink and so that's probably preferable. But maybe you might want to wonder why there's so much blood and pus in your milk in the first place. Pasteurization kills bacteria, but why so much bacteria? And what else is it killing in the meantime? All the best of any reason you might be drinking milk in the first place. (that's what).

I believe in taking tastes of raw egg containing batter. Remember when we were kids and everybody licked the beaters? And then we worried about salmonella: licks of batter, tiny nibbles of dough, became fraught with risk, illicit. Now salmonella, e. coli seem as likely to infiltrate your chain restaurant salad bar as anywhere else. Where are your eggs coming from? We bought the best eggs I thought I could get in stores, cage-free, organic, the works, until I sourced a local product. And now we eat eggs laid from happy chickens, treated humanely and fed good stuff. I've baked for so many years without eggs, any animal products at all, that a lot of my baked goods are still egg-free, from habit. We tend to eat eggs more for their own eggy goodness. But I might use them in muffins or brownies and I do make an egg batter every week for French Toast Friday and if I inadvertently lick off a finger or what have you, I don't think twice about it. I'm not worried about getting sick. I do try to wipe the handles off of grocery carts, though, and I always open public bathroom doors with the hem of my shirt.

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Angelina said...

Those are such good questions. I don't understand how come more people aren't asking them. That's exactly what I was wondering about when I got that surplus raw cow's milk from Kookoolan. Why should it be so difficult to get the good clean uncooked stuff?