Friday, February 22, 2008

it's like this

walked with the children all over town. visited a few friends. dropped my girl (and an overnight bag and a sleeping bag) off at her friend's house for her first sleepover ever. walked home. boy crashed out asleep, all thirty five pounds of him, on my back in the ergo. if i took him out, he'd wake up, which would be okay, since it's after five, but i would rather wait and have him wake up rested and pleasant. it's payday. maybe the three of us will walk up to mcmenamin's for dinner. so when i walked in the door, with the sleeping boy on his back, i had to pee. it was hard to unbutton my jeans with the ergo on. got the pants down, emptied my bladder, now what? pants around my thighs, shuffle to the dining room, sit here at the laptop. decide to wake him up (my shoulders vote Yes) or not (the soft sound of his breath in my ear is a peaceful cadence i don't want to stop).


sj said...

oh! how exciting!

a first sleep-over. you guys sure have made good friends fast, for a sleep-over already. so great. i hope the three left at home have a lovely evening and i hope your chica has a blast! here's to more fun sleep-overs and friends you feel comfortable with! clink!!

Lisa said...

F. did great. Maddy is so thrilled to have her over. They built a tent in the guest room and the three bigger girls slept there.

Angelina said...

Sleeping babies really are a peaceful sound. Too bad mine didn't do more of it but I know what you mean. I hope you three had a really great night! It was happy seeing you before dropping Freya off for her big night.

Mrs Hannigan said...

Ahh, I got a great little pain in my shoulderblades remembering the day (several yrs ago) when I walked my (then)3 yr old to the park and she stayed on my back for 4 hrs because she was so sweet & cuddly and I could hear her breathing in my ear, periodically grabbing my hair because she thought she was falling in her sleep. Such sweet days. The back pain is "worth it."

I'm loving your blog