Thursday, November 15, 2007

twelve years is a long time to know someone well.

We hadn't been sitting very long at the restaurant table last night when my husband said, as our server breezed by, "she reminds me of some actress and it's driving me crazy because I can't remember who."

"Carrie Anne Moss," I said right away, but finding no resemblance myself.

"Carrie who?"

"Trinity. From the Matrix Movies."

"Yes! That's exactly what I was thinking. Wow, so you think so, too, huh?"


"Uh. . ."

"I just know which movies you've seen and it doesn't take me very long to cross-reference female leads and figure out who you must be thinking of."

"Are you serious? You can't really do that."

"No, you're right. I didn't. I just read your mind."


edited to add the 'anne' the morning after because i guess i left it off and if i didn't come back and plug it in, that inconsequential detail would have bugged me all day. not as much as it's bugging me that i seem to have misplaced this sweet little turquoise turtle necklace of mine since we moved, but enough that i had to come here and write this even though i'm slow this morning and way behind the power curve (i don't believe in dirty dishes, but they, my friends, believe in me) and the laptop was not to be opened until this afternoon.

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