Wednesday, November 14, 2007

how do we do this again?

"date" night

It's not often we go out together, just the two of us, without children. And by not often, I don't mean, every few months or so. I mean every few years. I'm not sure that walking up to the hotel/bar up the street for dinner and a pint even qualifies as a full fledged date. We were gone but two hours. Just enough time to enjoy the crisp fall darkness, eat restaurant food without rummaging through my bag for cranky child diversions, carry on a rambling conversation during which neither of us fell asleep. We saw the whole foggy valley from the rooftop bar, including the yellow-lighted windows of our own little house. We walked around and looked at the artwork on the walls. We got back home in plenty of time to put the children to bed. Such events are so infrequent I can remember every one since the girl was born (coming on nine years ago now). The last time we had an occasion for a childless night, lipstick and silky undergarments and new shoes were involved. This time it was pigtails and corduroys and old clogs and a little bit of not really knowing what to do, from lack of practice.

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Lisa said...

I almost could have written this myself.

Up until Juliana was born, we had a babysitting swap with another family and we went out once per month most months. However, since then, we have only gone out once or twice, always for a very short date when my mom was here. Actually I think we took Juliana with us at least once, so that doesn't really count.

It is so strange to go out with your spouse on a date when you are so used to interruptions and chaos. The unfilled silences are almost uncomfortable. All the things that I know I have wanted to talk about suddenly fly out of my head under the expectation of having a good date. It's almost like a first date again everytime. Then we relax a little and laugh through the pauses and then remember who we are and how much we enjoy each other's company and get comfortable again. Then the date is over too soon. As much as I love having little ones, I will be so thankful to have more moments with just the two of us in the future.

We've never been on the roof-top bar, but I've wanted to go. I bet it was beautiful.