Monday, December 28, 2009

rest in peace

2 by the fire

Beneath the magnolia, we clasped hands and sang Amazing Grace. The sun was brilliant, I blinked against the brightness, blinked away the tears.

It's a sorry way to end a sorry year and, yet, so unsurprising. This is not to say that I think a black cloud is unfairly hovering, no, because what is fair? It is what it is and it is so so sad.

Our favorite cat took ill yesterday, the Sunday following Christmas, and did not survive the night. It was swift and has us left us all reeling. Because we all sure loved that little guy.

Oh, Binx. We can't even miss you yet because we can't believe you're gone.


Lisa said...

You know we've experienced the same loss and it's just such a hard thing to deal with on top of everything else our two families have been going through. I'm so sorry. It hurts to lose a loved pet.

april. said...

he was a special, special little animal. it's very hard, indeed, and i have to stop wishing i could go back in time and do something differently.

cjg said...

Having been there, I know it's very difficult, especially when there is no time to prepare. Thinking about you all. xoxox

sj said...

sorry for your families loss. xo