Sunday, September 20, 2009

parting is such

we want things to stay but nothing stays the same

There is this voice that has been haunting me (no not that. haunting is too spooky of a word, too invasive and serious, how about compelling?), compelling me to listen. and last night I listened to it live and wasn't that a good time? The September of my adulthood is like the October, November of my youth: a brilliant string of clear days, and nights when windchimes clang and sleepy hands shut windows, grab for blankets.

So this voice. When he talks I think of Matthew McConaughey's character in Dazed and Confused. Oh, you know. Tell me know you. What, you don't know?!

And so when I say that the front for Deer Tick gives me an I Love Those Redheads vibe, then you should know, surely, what I'm talking about, yes?

The last day of official summer upon us. A celebration and a regret. The rough smoothness of a raspy voice. The looking ahead and looking behind. The wish to pause the best seconds -the ones with the most laughter, with children running in circles and tomatoes piled in heaps and insecurities almost too small to see- is strong.

There is a certain seventies good ol' bad boy sleazy rock and roll feel about Deer Tick. I am sorry I'm still talking about them. I can talk about one thing for a long time. I can eat the same thing every meal for weeks before I tire of it. I am insatiable until the inexplicable moment when, without warning, I've had too much.

I haven't had too much yet. Not of this song or bare legs or open doors or nectarines. Not yet.


Lisa said...

I'm sorry to have missed it. We are curmudgeons around here when it comes to getting out of the house in the evenings.

I'm not ready for summer to be over. It seemed so short this year. I feel cheated.

Deb said...

I've never heard of that band until you started talking about them. Do you like Drive-By-Truckers? That's a band with the same sort of feel.

april. said...

i do not care for the drive-by truckers. too country, not enough rock and roll? i don't know. i have yet to hear a song of theirs that grabs me.