Sunday, May 24, 2009

nobody gives a damn

So. Maybe you noticed I missed last Sunday. I missed all last week, actually. A week ago the kids and I took a 5-hr drive up to visit friends. Upon our return home, we had one crazy busy day sandwiched in-between that trip and a two day camping trip with our local homeschool group. All the while our major appliances were living in the living room while the husband replaced our troublesome kitchen floor. We finally, yesterday, moved the washer and dryer back into the laundry room -the clean clothes situation was at red alert- even though the laundry room floor is only primed and not at all finished. You do what you have to do and I can't do a week plus without doing laundry.

The ten day forecast expects sun, sun, sun. While the end of May, the beginning of June, can be unpredictable, a curious weather crapshoot, we seem to have reached that "all danger of frost has passed" point. Lows in the high thirties, the forties, the fifties, ahead. I spent the day beefing up our herb garden (really, my daughter's little plot of land, but I jump in and plant a little there, too), with seeds that have been waiting, waiting. Maybe I'm too much of a worrywart and I've missed maximizing our growing season by waiting so long to sow seeds outside. We'll see. The vegetable beds are filling in nicely. My kale! I want to pluck the leaves, big as my thumb now, and eat them up, but I will hold off, and hope they keep growing.

With such bright skies, and laundry on the line, and iced pink wine in my tumbler, it feels like the start of summer. It feels like the beginning of bare shoulders and bare feet and grass stains. And when I'm feeling particularly summery, I want summery music and I'll tell you that there's something about Wolf Parade's 05 Apologies to the Queen Mary album that makes me want to crank up the volume and open the windows and throw a garden party or something. (not that I've ever thrown a garden party, I just feel like it. I'm not really the party throwing type, if I don't throw parties I don't have to worry that no one will come!)

Youtube usually delivers, but tonight I couldn't find a good quality recording of my first choice, so I'm sharing my number two. I really love this one, as well, though. But I urge you to splurge on the .99 (if you don't have it already!) it will cost to get You Are A Runner And I Am My Father's Son and then you'll really know what it sounds like in my head today.

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