Monday, February 23, 2009

a round tuit

My grandparents have one of those rubber grippy circles, like the sort passed out in AARP advertising blitzes, that was printed with the explanation that it was for people who are always waiting to do something until they get a round tuit. Ta-da! Problem solved.

I have one of those grippy circles, too, a spare direct from my grandmother's kitchen. And it is, in fact, emblazoned with an AARP logo and slogan: for independent living! But it doesn't say anything about getting stuff done. It's round and good for opening sticky jars, but it's not a tuit at all.

It takes me a long old while to get around to it, whatever it is. I am quick-witted and keen on ideas. I am good on the front side of any task, but get mucked up in the middle. And sometimes never see the end. Starting is no trouble, it's the doing and finishing that give me grief.

When we moved in here I hastily tacked a red checkered beach towel over the bathroom window. This remained until we recently upgraded to a blue twin sheet. The window has that mottled bathroom glass -supposed privacy glass- but I can't bring myself to do bathroom things at night in front of an undressed window, no matter what.

It took me a year and a half, but we finally have a curtain in the bathroom. Maybe my tuit is square?

bathroom curtain

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Angelina said...

Well, you're getting farther on your house tasks than I am! Good work.

I don't like doing bathroomy things in front of undressed windows at night either.