Wednesday, October 01, 2008

with what shall we pay it, dear liza, dear liza?

Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets an irrepressible urge to start singing There's a Hole in my Bucket every time talk of the bail-out floats by. With the taxes, dear Henry, dear Henry, dear Henry. But the people have no money, dear Liza, dear Liza. And so it goes. The snake eats its tail and so many of us are holding tight to the little scraps by the wayside.

How can someone I've never met, been in the same room with, be so generous and kind? A certain friend did something today that was such a surprise, such a sweet gesture, that I don't even know what to say except Thank You.

Which means I might get back on the writing track, because the picture-ing should return to its regularly uploaded pattern. I am itching to shake up the look of this little blogspot place, but maybe a switch to someplace else all together? Thinking. And revealing, too, my tendency to cut and run. Oh, I'm very loyal and stick around long past a respectable welcome, but just using my living situations over the past several years as an indicator, I should point out that I don't even know how often a person should clean beneath a refrigerator, because I just do it every time I move. Which has been sufficient. So when I'm growing tired of the same title banner (that lovely curly headed baby up there is a whole year older now and couldn't squeeze into that orange stripey pantsuit for anything) why do I start poking around at other platforms? I guess it is the Clean Slate appeal.

And I don't buy for a second that there's any sort of Hope or Fresh Start or Healing coming down the pike any way we slice it come November. I don't think any plan has that much straw to spare and if it's not one bucket, it's another.

But there are, despite all the upheavals and uncertainties and very valid worries, kind people and bread (tomorrow I tell you about No Knead bread and my new/vintage Dutch Oven) and if you've got those two things, you've got community and without community, we're all leaky sieves. I feel extra full right now.


Lisa said...

Bread and a dutch oven. Really, what more does one need? (Chocolate and coffee wouldn't hurt.)

sj said...

"how can someone i've never met, been in the same room with, be so generous and kind?"

april, i've been asking that same question....that van that was given to us was from a family we had never met. but that's not all, when i really stop to look and see kindness and generosity are all around. it's a calm, that sense of community that
random acts of kindness' bring, if we could all be so generous with the big and little, now that could change the world.

Layne said...

I'm so glad you are going to be writing more often. I have been thinking a lot oabout how much my favorite online people make my life better and it just does make the world better getting to see share glimpses with each other regularly, especially with living in a place where I don't meet a lot of kindred spirits, you know?