Monday, October 20, 2008


horse chestnuts
all in a row

I like the idea of a nature table, little bits brought in from out, like a small gallery of objects culled from paths and parks and sidewalks. But for all the nuts and seedpods and scraggly branches we keep on shelves and windowsills, there are all the more under the oven, splayed across the floor, stuck to the bottom of my foot. Carried in by the handful, by the pocketful, and admired, such lovely fleeting things, but also, played with and stacked up and rolled around in the back of tiny toy dumptrucks. So the nature table is a nice idea, but having these pieces around and a part of how we live, in the house or not, is better. Or, at least, a pretty good validation for elevating sweeping/dusting beyond the Sisyphean dread of other chores! ha!


Angelina said...

We have bits of nature all over the house too from gathering on walks and every day Max brings home some tiny agates from the school playground and I'm trying to collect them in one spot so I don't keep stepping on them. Still, I love seeing all these small pieces that the three of us admire.

Chick brings in sticks too. But she likes to chew on them.

Lisa said...

A nature table is a great idea. I might have to find a spot to implement this!