Saturday, May 10, 2008

the pox, take two

oats to quell the itchies

The boy's outbreak occurred two weeks after his sister's. And about six weeks after beginning his most recent (and most virulent!) objection to bathing. So the frequent baking soda baths that helped the girl aren't an option for my boy. There's nothing therapeutic or relaxing about his baths lately. In fact, I'm a little bit not looking forward to warmer weather (even though, yes, really, I am looking forward to warmer weather: it's been one long and incredibly cool spring around here) because that means we'll have the windows open and that means the whole neighborhood will hear his I HATE WATER! screams. Of course, they might be the same neighbors who would find him soaked and dripping any time we have the garden hose out. That boy will find the one muddy puddle in the backyard and be totally drenched in the time it takes me to turn around and sneeze. He doesn't hate water, he just hates baths, and I don't even think he hates baths all that much. It's just a convenient thing to have a fierce opinion about. Which is one of the most charming and most frustrating parts of toddlerhood, the fierceness. Such big ideas in such little people!

So as much as he's been letting me, I've been giving him a rubdown with oatmeal water. I pour rolled oats into an old stray sock, tie off the end and let it steep for a few minutes in barely warm water. Then I squeeze out the sock to get as much milky oat water out, and wipe him down with a cloth. I'm not so sure if it's helping or not. He still tells me, "me no feeling so good, mama". But it makes me feel a little better, to be doing something. When your baby is hurting, you just want to help.

Last night was pretty miserable, we were in bed for nearly twelve hours, but there sure wasn't much sleep going on. He's been much more chipper today (which translates currently into ripping his sister's reading material from her hands and pulling her hair, for attention, eek!) so I hope we all make up for lost rest.

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