Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i beat dead horses with scissors


As much as I tout the diy hairdo, and as much as I grimace at my bedraggled appearance every day, I'm at the same exact point I'm always at, about three months past a trim: I waiver. I think, maybe, I should let it grow out. Or, I should chop it all off so short. Or I should cut bangs. See, I thought my flirtation with bangs was five years past, but then I heard someone refer to them recently as "the poor woman's botox" or something like that and -I must confess- I can't get that comparison out of my head. Even though it contradicts so much of what I believe, in theory, about beauty and aging and self-confidence.

Recently, I listened to a PRI To The Best of our Knowledge podcast on the beauty biz and the part that really rung with me was how younger and younger women are putting themselves through invasive cosmetic procedures to avoid looking old. But a young woman with a chemically unexpressive forehead and plumped up collagen injected lips doesn't look like she's embracing her youth, she starts to look like the women who have already lost theirs.

I don't want to look like that.

So, the verdict's still out. Bangs or no bangs? Short or to my shoulder? My hair starts doing this thatgirl flippy thing the longer it gets and I don't enjoy the way that feels. Can you believe that of all the things I'd like to think more about and write about and receive some comment feedback about, I'm still stuck on my fricking fracking hair? It's safe, that's what. And easier to write about amid the distractions of a suddenly extra-needy two year old and an always (but always) chatty nine year old and the various half-neglected chores around the house. How thoughtful do I need to be in writing about my hair, fer cryin out loud? Not very.


Lisa said...

I struggle with the same indecision. That's how I ended up with hair halfway down my back a couple of years ago and the ability to donate to Locks of Love two years in a row!

I won't get bangs, that's the only thing I know. I hate the feeling of stuff on my forehead, so that rules bangs out for me.

Angelina said...

You could do bangs. Don't listen to anyone on that front. ESpecially not me. You are fortunate to be able to wear almost any style of hair. I am always partial to bobs so I admit I especially like your bob. But a bob with bangs? I saw the picture of you with bangs and you looked good!

I'm like Lisa and hate the feel of anything on my forehead which is the real reason I've still not gotten bangs.

I don't think hair is an insignificant subject. But maybe that's because I find myself in the EXACT same dilemma as you and Lisa about every four months and it annoys the hell out of me that I never know what I want from my hair. So it's good to hear I'm not alone.

However, this is not the least bit helpful to you.

sj said...

oh. i love bangs!! i say do it. i think they are fun and if you don't mind something on your forehead come wet/humid/sticky summer days, then i say cut! as angelina said, you are fotunate to be able to wear your hair many ways....bang = the poor woman's botox !? what!!?? no way. though you can't seem to get that comparison out of your head, i think it's bull$#@!. i love bangs. i vote, cut 'em with a shorter bob, so you aren't dealing with the cute flip that you don't like.

made by kort said...

when i lived in London, i had the flip and bangs both. i love the flip.

textile_fetish said...

A few years ago I heard a comment taht went something like, "You shouldn't have bangs unless your birthday is within two weeks of Drew Barrymore." Mine is. I guess the point was that many people are too old for bangs. My thing is, I swore off them because they are so hard to grow back out! They get to that bad stage. I like the "curtain bangs," or something at least as long as the tip of your nose.

1111111111 said...
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Linda said...

I know. With all the things in the world to worry about, and I'm in a perpetual battle with my bangs. I think it can work on anyone as a vintage look, but that's not easy to achieve. Otherwise it just looks too... '80's. Do you know what I mean?

My problem is that I have a very high forehead that recedes back on the sides. It's hard then to put my hair up without exposing all that extra skin where the societal expectation is that there should be hair. What it comes down to is that I no longer feel attractive with bangs (which were so cute in my youth) but I don't feel attractive without them either.