Friday, February 15, 2008

for kids, for families, for you!

It's Friday, so you know what that means? Another TMBG Podcast For Kids to download! They Might Be Giants know exactly what happened to all of their fans from the late eighties and early nineties: they grew up and had babies. And those babies grew up on TMBG tunes. All the old, favorites their parents dig are still around, but wait, the band's been making extra special children's music for a while, which made, in our family anyway, all the more reason for calling them our favorite band. In preparation for a new cd release (Here Come the 123s, a follow up to the Here Come The ABCs several years back), they've been sending out video podcast teasers every week. I can't tell you how much we love these. Actually, the new album might be out already (I'm not so hip as knowing specific release dates) and the Friday Night Podcasts might be a thing of the past already, but if you don't have them in your itunes library, I urge you to download them all straight away. My children love them, love them and I find the songs super catchy, too, and the animation charming and John and John just as witty and wonderful as ever. They're all up in various youtube locations, as well, but we like having them right on the laptop and on my ipod. I buy myself five extra sleepy minutes of stretching in bed every morning by turning one on for the boy when we wake up. I think there are eight or nine total, and all are terrific, but I think the family winner (certainly the one we sing and hum the most) is still the Never Go To Work song I posted several entries back. Okay!


kort said...

we've been singing High Five around these parts!

april. said...

High Five was in the number one slot for a while. Though we sing the Never Go To Work song the most, G requests and watches the car trip one more than the others. He really loves the opening puppet bit with the goggles and moustache!

midgettroyani said...

I found the release date as 2-5-08.