Sunday, January 20, 2008

a day in the life (of my belly)

Yesterday, Saturday the 19th of January, I ate:

For breakfast, porridge (steel-cut oats) I cooked the night before and warmed up on the stovetop that morning. I like my porridge several different ways, but this time I had it with a generous plop of apricot jam and a bunch of ground flaxmeal. I would have had a cup (or two) of black tea, but we were out of black tea (actually, we were out of lots of stuff because we hadn't been to the store for pantry items in several weeks) so I substituted coffee, with unsweetened almond milk.


Lunch was a bunch of kale. Literally a whole bunch. I cooked up two, but accounting for what I shared with the other three people who live here, I probably only ate one. I cooked it with a lot of garlic and I ate a piece of sourdough wheat toast.

My creation

The hotel/restaurant/bar up the way was celebrating the building's 103rd birthday with free music, so we were there at dinner time. We sat in a dark, concert room and watched belly dancers perform with a live band and I ate a burrito. With tofu, minus the cheese, please. I forgot to say "no sour cream" and I scraped off as much as I could.


I did not take pictures of my ginger larabar snack mid-morning, various glasses of water, the cinnamon graham cracker I ate when my son took a bite of it and put it on the counter but cried for it back after I ate it. And there might have been a pitcher of beer.


layne said...

Poor G! Just kidding. Poor you! My kids do that too and I have a guilt attack every time. You guys eat so well. I am jealous but I think I would drop so much weight it would be catastrophic. Your kale is beautiful as always.

omy said...

this reminds me of a book i saw the other day: "a year in the life of my stomach" or something like that. it was nothing but pictures of all the food this guy had eaten for a year. with minor commentary. I almost bought it. i am fascinated with such things. :)