Friday, November 30, 2007

rainy days and. . . fridays?

rainy days and mondays

Somehow it was easier today to go backwards in my flickr photostream several pages to get a picture than to take a current one. We're going to drive into Portland tonight for pizza and groceries, both of which could, theoretically, be procured right here in town, but not our favorite pizza and not our favorite grocery store and it wouldn't be a whole family event. That's the plan. Consider this something of a filler post. Something lacking so much substance. Something a little like my day today. So glad it's the weekend.

(it's not the weather, it's not the weather, sometimes it just is).


Kristal said...

Whats your favorite pizza place here?

april. said...

we're partial to flying pie. they do a soy cheee and it's our default from when we lived down the street.

Kristal said...

We love flying pie! I'll miss it when we're gone!