Monday, November 05, 2007

a most reprehensible confession

I have not yet set foot in our local library. This is not to imply that my little family has been without library materials for the last two months since we moved here. I've been able to keep up, more or less, with my account near where we were living for the previous five months. Well, if this is an honest confession, I'll admit that the "keeping up" has been more less than more lately, and my fine situation is a little ridiculous. Who drives forty-five minutes to the library when there is a perfectly acceptable library (or so I've heard) within walking distance? creatures of habit slow to warm up to change. Me. One of the deciding factors for moving to this town (apart from the obvious of being closer to my husband's office and considerably decreasing his daily commute) was its walkability factor. We like to live in neighborhoods where we can access lots by foot or bike. When we moved here, I had plenty of library books checked out, and we moved them right along with us. i thought I could pop in quickly to the old library (which is, oddly, the same library i frequented when we moved to oregon the first time and I was an earnest newlywed with a lot of time and very little money) on trips to the big city (a couple of times a month, I suppose, for requisite trader joe's staples and spontaneous expeditions). This plan proved faulty and I returned everything on our last trip in and vowed to get to my local library as soon as possible. That was saturday and the library was closed yesterday and today so let's see what happens tomorrow. Despite my children's book collection which seems to expand, thanks to my thrift store habit, with rabbit-producing alacrity, I can't so much keep my bookworm daughter in words. She's certainly motivation enough to walk up the street already and check out some books. I'm quite discriminating with regards to kid books and yet, we've reached a point where I'm running out of practical shelf space. And while I have no intention of dwindling down our mighty collection (and I do mean 'our' because children's literature is one of my favorite topics and I could pretty much sum up the bulk of my whole parenting philosophy in one word -read- if I had to) I should probably back down on the book acquisitions and step up on the borrowing. It's nice to read books that can live for a short spell in a basket by the front door.

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Lisa said...

We will be at the library from about 10:00-11:00 today, if you are interested (before we head over to the HEY activity). We go every Tuesday morning for the "Emerging Readers" story time, but they also have a story time on Wed. morning for the younger set. If you are ever interested in meeting there for our youngest two to enjoy the story time while the older two hang out in the library, I bet Maddy would love that!